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Edgar Award Winning Author And Crime Expert Burl Barer

Burl Barer is a Edgar Award winning author and two-time Anthony Award nominee with extensive media, advertising, marketing, and public relations experience. Garnering accolades for his creative contributions to radio, television, and print media.

Barer’s career has been highlighted in The Hollywood Reporter, London Sunday Telegraph, New York Times, USA Today, Variety, Broadcasting, Electronic Media, ABC’s Good Morning America, Investigation Discovery’s “Deadly Women,” “Scorned,” and “Snapped” on the Oxygen Network.

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Featured Book: BETRAYAL IN BLUE The shocking memoir of the scandal that rocked the NYPD!

They Had No Fear Of The Cops Because They Were The Cops NYPD officers Mike Dowd and Kenny Eurell knew there were two ways to get rich quick in Brooklyn's Lower East Side. You either became drug dealers, or you robbed drug dealers. They decided to do both. “I promised my wife that we would make a lot of money, and that she had nothing to worry about. I LIED!” Dowd and Eurell ran the most powerful gang in New York’s dangerous 75th Precinct, the crack cocaine capitol of 1980s America. These “ Cocaine Cops” formed a lucrative alliance with Adam Diaz, the kingpin of an ever-expanding Dominican drug cartel. Then “ the biggest police scandal in New York history” exploded into the headlines with the arrest of Mike, Ken, and their fellow crooked cops. Released on bail, Mike offered Ken a long shot at escape to Central America—a bizarre plan involving robbery, kidnapping, and murder—forcing Ken to choose between two forms of betrayal. “

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THE LOST CHILD: To Live and Lie in L. A.

Jun 13th, 2020

Little Kelley Leigh had a hard working mom, older brothers and sisters, and at age 13 she was held captive overnight and repeatedly raped and sodomized. Beyond the physical pain was the intense emotional despair and feeling of abandonment when her mother, instead of asking why she was out all night, beat and berated her… Read more »

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SNEAK PEEK AT THE A/R e-B for 6/9/2020

Jun 9th, 2020

Here’s a sneak peek at the vast diversity of fascinating and informative features in the latest edition of the Addiction/Recovery e-Bulletin available free every week and delivered to your email in-box. Rock ’n’ roll is equated with excess – but for many musicians, addiction to drugs or alcohol can stifle their art. Three of them… Read more »

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What People Say

review by Gregory W. Vleisides

'The Saint' - The author has captured the flavour and style of the original Leslie Charteris' novels. This novelization is far superior to the film. I recommend this to all Saint fans.

Gregory W. Vleisides